Antarctica Travel

Antarctica Travel

Travel to Antarctica and see that magical ice covered virgin islands to human society. Discover that big white mysterious icing spot below the globe map, the earth’s last frontier, The Antarctica.


Travel to The Antarctic Peninsula
The Antarctic Peninsula is considered by Antarctica tourists among the most attractive places on the planet earth. See spectacular icebergs, glaciers, huge mountains together with the wildlife of the Peninsula. Along with the extremely dramatic surroundings and wide range of wildlife in Antarctica, this Antarctica travel will certainly amaze!


antarctic peninsula travel


Antarctica Peninsula, the single most beautiful wilderness places of planet earth. Icebergs in many sizes and shapes. 10 thousand foot highs soaring out from the waters. Glaciers. Extended summer times which end up with bright colors as sunset later changes again into daytime.


Amaze to Abundant wildlife such as Penguin colonies along with thousands of mating pairs. Albatross having 10-13 foot wingspans, Weddell, Elephant, leopard, crabeater, and fur seals. Minke, Humpback, and Orca whales. And of course the amazing virgin island to human population.


The Antarctica Peninsula is made up of 500-mile-long mountain hill island chain, the tallest mountains raising to about 9,186 feet, and various off-lying islands. The Antarctic Peninsula has the most extraordinary views and largest number of wildlife in Antarctica. Tourists are immediately amaze by the gigantic icebergs, glaciers, elevated hills and wildlife. Spot millions of penguins – gentoo, Adélie, chinstrap, species of seals such as the Weddell, crabeater, fur, leopard and southern elephant


Crossing The Antarctica Circle

Travel the southern area of the Antarctica Circle, the place where the sunlight never sets. You’ll be able to see the exploration station and discover Marguerite Bay. Inhabitant of penguin rookeries will entertain you. Seals will give you a big feeling of relax as they start to laze on snow floes within bays made by walls of ice. Antarctica travel is breathtaking water ways and bays of icebergs, penguins, seals and more.




Antarctica Travel, the freezing place of enchanting beauty where powerful, impressive orcas and leopard seals are present in the waters, while elegant snow petrels grace the skies towards hill ranges and unreal icebergs. See the exploration facilities in the area of Marguerite Bay. Watch the amazing Antarctica wildlife, which includes whales, penguins, seals and more, Discover the Traditional western Peninsula attractions and pay a visit to legendary landing sites, Know about Antarctica’s geology and wildlife provided by on-ship researchers and experts. Watch for chinstrap, gentoo, and Adélie penguins, leopard and crabeater seals, orca, minke and humpback whales, blue eyed shags, skuas, wandering albatrosses and other seabirds.


Extraordinary ice structures is going to spark your imagination while you seek the scenery for the Antarctica wildlife. Be it humpback whales close to the ship, a leopard seal scuba dving, penguins slipping into crystal clear waters of the iceberg, or a giant petrel hovering over splitting sea-ice, you will experience a sense of deep relax and emotions in Antarctica like you haven’t sensed before.


Falkland Islands Antarctica Travel

An impressive adventure in the exotic Falkland Islands, the wildlife tropical paradise of South Georgia along with the spectacular scenery of the Antarctic Peninsula. You’ll experience unforgettable scenarios with untamed animals, you’ll move back on time in history and you’ll get captivated with the splendid variety and differences that produce these places so fascinating and special.




See a wild, distinct and extraordinary world sparkle as countless penguins immerse dive for foodstuff, herds of elephant seals relax under the sun, and pods of orcas pass right before your eyes. The Falkland Islands really are the ideal birding encounter with massive, easy to access hives of some of the earth’s rarest and most fabulous birds. Well known for penguins, viewers always take pleasure in manoeuvres of these birds either on the beach or in the shore. feisty rockhopper, majestic king, shy magellanic penguins and inquisitive gentoo are super easy to locate. Around 70% from the earth’s Black-browed albatross reproduce throughout the islands. Include in these a huge number of some other fascinating birds such as the Falklands Flightless steamer duck, striated cara-cara and the endemic Cobb’s wren.


14 types of aquatic mammals are actually recognized in Falkland waters. A visit away from Stanley to Berkeley Sound gives the possibility to see varieties of baleen whale. Peale’s and Commerson’s dolphins continually go along with boats and journeys is usually organized to add the seeing of penguin colonies and sooty shearwaters at the ocean surface as sunset hides.


The Ross Sea Antarctica Travel

The Ross Sea is one of the most stunning and species-rich ocean locations on the earth. Travel towards the very heart of Antarctica – entrance towards the south Pole and home of many of the richest Antarctica secrets and treasures. It is the white dessert, a semi-frozen ocean of tremendous snow and amazing tabular icebergs cracked faraway from large glaciers racks. Inland, the Dry up Valleys reachable only by helicopter offer a seldom seen supernatural realm of wind flow shaped rock structures and a huge selection of petrified skeletal wildlife remains.




Emperor Penguins is most popular of the species. About 240,000 emperors generate their the entire family in the Ross Sea environments. If situations allow, helicopters may bring you near to the colonies to watch and take pictures of the birds nesting in the ice.


In the bottom of the sea is situated Ross Island, in which Mt. Erebus rises 13,000 feet within the surroundings. This region is the home of the well known McMurdo Station, the biggest of over 24 study investigation centers in Antarctica. You’ll have the opportunity to pay a visit to Cape Royds and see the hut constructed by Ernest Shackleton, today neighbored by thousands of Adelie penguins, the southern most penguin nest on earth. Close by on Cape Evans is a well maintained hut of Robert Falcon Scott, constructed in 1911. To walk in the very footsteps of these two titans of Antarctic research is definitely an over emotional adventure. Ross sea wildlife include Adélie penguins, emperor penguins, Antarctica petrels, Antarctica minke whales,Weddell seals and killer whales.


South Georgia Antarctica Travel 

This particular separated island is a paradise for animals admirers, with almost many millions and millions of wildlife. South Georgia island comes with an unbelievable amount of wildlife and impressive scenery varying from thousands of foot Mountains and enormous glaciers. It is often considered to be the single most stunning and impressive parts of the earth and definitely has a lot more animals compared to almost anywhere else in the world. Countless southern elephant seals, Wandering Albatrosses nest, King Penguins, and thousands of fur seals species. In South Georgia you will see and experience breathtaking scenery, thousands of wildlife such as the wandering, black-browed, grey headed and light mantled sooty Nesting albatross, gentoo, king, macaroni penguins, elephant and fur seals as well as Grytviken museum and Shackleton’s grave.




South Georgia is covered with life, penguins, huge elephant seals and also a prospering fur seal inhabitants. In this Antarctica Travel to South Georgia will give you a chance to see one of the world’s impressive animals concentration, tens of thousands of imperial king penguins on a single beach front. The fabulously gorgeous island of South Georgia contains an amazing quantity of wildlife. The oceans around South Georgia is rich in marine life, attracting a good amount of elephant seals, penguins and seabirds. In addition to being an unforgettable encounter for anybody fascinated by Antarctica wildlife.


South Orkney Islands Antarctica Travel 

The bird existence of the South Orkneys is everywhere, and Coronation Island is the central reproduction location for the gorgeous natural white snow petrel. You will find big penguin rookeries, and also a multitude of some other seabirds species. The South Orkney Islands, situated around the Scotia Sea, are home to family of Adélie penguins, in addition to important variety of chinstrap penguins.




This will be our a great possibility to view some extraordinary icebergs at close range. Coronation Island is most commonly covered up in glaciers and snow, with hilly ski fields and spectacular peaks, approaching 4,153′ above sea levels from its peak. An enormous sub-marine mountain spread hooks up the South Orkney Islands towards the Antarctic Peninsula. Covered with icebergs and sea snow.


South Orkneys is made up of 4 primary islands in addition to rocky inlets and little islands, 85% of the barren scenery of ice and rock is glaciated, along with minimal plant life. Both principle islands, Laurie & Coronation, are covered in permanent ice!


Wildlife travel to this huge land, having abundant gulls, skues, cormorants, terns and sheathbills. Within the crags and rocky cliffs, Snow petrels and Pintado petrels breed, and many of the rocky coast and shores hold home to fur seals. 3 types of penguin also are present in the area including Adelie, chinstrap and Gentoo. This fairytale landscape of big icebergs is an extraordinary attraction.


The Weddell Sea Antarctica Travel


Adventure the wilderness and fabulous Weddell Sea of the peninsula. The Weddell Sea is intensely frosty and gorgeous area of Antarctica of which contains penguin rookeries and also is the place to find lots of seals and ocean flying wildlife.Fierce, freezing and amazingly elegant. The Weddell Sea contains a large quantity of whales and seals that is of excellent charm for wildlife enthusiasts.




The principal tourist attraction of the Weddell Sea is undoubtedly the large Adelie penguin rookeries besides the possibility of viewing an elusive Emperor penguin. One more primary tourist attraction here are the massive tabular icebergs. The ocean of the Weddell Sea is considered by experts to be the clearest of all sea. Journey to the end of the earth and discover the vast wilderness of the great white colored region in one of our unbelievable Antarctic explorations. Here you will observe large amounts of wildlife close to the Weddell Sea which include Adelie penguins, Emperor penguins, Weddell seals and Orcas.


South Shetland Islands Antarctica Travel

South Shetlands are a popular stop over for the people visiting the Antarctic peninsula. Popular destinations include Elephant island, King George island, Livingston, and Deception Island. Each of the island provides a wide variety of things to do of which appeal to all concentrations of passion. Wide number of seals, penguins and seabirds populate South Shetlands coasts and ofcourse some groups of researchers and scientists can be encounter here as well.




The South Shetland Islands are about 120 km northern of the Antarctic Peninsula and may be your initial stop on the way to the Peninsula. Home to a large number of animals, you’ll see many wildlife, which includes different species of penguins, sea birds and seals.

Antarctica Travel

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