Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

The almost all favorite entertainment in Lake Mburo National Park is the motorboat riding in the lake. A trip within the lake will give you excellent possibilities to see grand hippo together with crocodiles. A lot of water bird are also present in this lake. These wonderful fauna encounters in addition to the spectacular landscapes and breathtaking scenery vistas will definitely impress you.



One option to explore the Lake Mburo is by roads. Game driving in the park will offer the perfect chance of viewing the zebra and impala. Both of these animals are the flagship species for Lake Mburo, because it is the only place in Uganda to see the fascinating impala and also the only easy to access location to view Burchell’s zebra that tend to gather together near the lakes and swamps.


This particular park features many different animals, such as 68 kind of mammal, which includes a huge amount of buffaloes, plains zebras, Impalas, leopards, kobs, bushbucks, duikers topis, spotted hyenas, warthogs, Defassa waterbucks, oribi. Presently there are 315 bird types. The plant life is mostly wide open savannah of acacia trees, boscia and olea. Lake Mburo National Park is a natural paradise for flora and fauna. The riverbank teams with animals and birds. hippopotamus and crocodiles are permanent inhabitants, and buffaloes appear here at the time of the dry time of year to drink water. There wide range of birds such as African fish eagles, pelicans, malachite kingfishers, herons, finfoots, blue-headed coucals, pied kingfishers, Rüppell’s long-tailed starlings, tambourine doves, hammerkops, grey crowned cranes, cormorants, papyrus yellow warblers, red-faced barbets and the rare shoebill.

Probably the most attractive things to do in Lake Mburo National Park are the guided walks. It’s because you can go walking anywhere within the park with a park ranger. This provides visitors the opportunity to move freely and feel the charms of the magical surroundings of the park. the entire park is accessible to walkers on condition that they are escorted by a ranger guide. Places available are the the lake’s banks, Rubanga Forest, salt lick at Rwonyo and a hilltop with stunning lake views.

Horse back riding safaris in Mihingo Resort is another fascinating way for you to explore to see animals close to Lake Mburo National Park. Its way bit more relaxing with your feet on the ground. You experience more part of nature and have the opportunity to view those more shy animals. Safaris viewing from horse back is extraordinary, A zebra can come closer to look at the peculiar relative. Including the extremely timid eland check out the horses curiously maintaining a close distance. Horseback safaris are also an enjoyable way to see buffaloes.

The eastern riverbanks of Lake Mburo can be visited on a relaxing 2 hour boat trip. Watch crocodiles, hippos, buffalo as well as Fish Eagles, colorful Kingfishers and Hammerkops having their large nests hanging in the trees. Lake Mburo National Park includes about 6 types of fish as tilapia is the most common type in the fishing spot at Mazinga.

Image CC Kent MacElwee


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