Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda is a stunning national park, often referred to as ‘the Pearl of Africa or Switzerland of Africa’. This agricultural region is incredibly beautiful, with a pair of lakes, ponds attached to each other. Here you will discover grassy plains, volcanic craters and spectacular forest. As it end up having one of the highest differnt types of animals rankings on earth perfect for Uganda safari.

Queen Elizabeth National Park offers the most impressive amount of animals varieties, around 100 kinds of mammal and 606 distinctive birds! The Kasinga part alone is considered to offer the earth’s biggest quantity of hippos, Along with crocodiles! Other animals in the area includes buffalo, elephant, rare aquatic sitatunga antelope, horned Uganda kob, warthogs, large forest hog, waterbuck, topi, horned Uganda kob and leopard.

Kyambura Gorge also called the “Valley of Apes” in the north east of the Queen Elizabeth park, is real world Tarzan territory having solid treetop canopies and vines hanging down to the smooth forest flooring. The landscape comes complete with chimpanzees who chat high up in the trees.

Unusual and surprising birds live in this park and enthusiastic birders are coming from around the world to see this special bird, the enchanting shoebill bird or whale headed stork. This big tall bird stands 1 meter high, can fly, friendly in captivity and looks a rather shy appearance.


Shoebill bird safari

The park’s varied ecosystems, such as welcoming savanna, shady, warm forests, dazzling lakes and agricultural wetlands, ensure it is the most perfect home for classic big game spotting, 10 primate varieties such as chimpanzees and over 600 types of birds.

The park’s spectacular scenery contain plenty of enormous craters carved in to rolling green hills, breathtaking landscapes of the Kazinga Station having its banks occupied by hippos, elephants, buffalo and the never-ending Ishasha flatlands, as their fig trees shows hiding lions prepared to jump hunt of a Uganda kob.

In addition to its spectacular animals attractions, Queen Elizabeth National Park features a interesting cultural background. There are plenty of options for tourists to meet the local communities and appreciate storytelling, dancing, singing and more.

The main tourist features within the park consist of game spotting generally surrounding the kasenyi region and game drives within the Ishasha section looking for the tree climbing lions, chimpanzee trekking in the Kyambura Gorge and also the neighbouring Kalinzu forest, Launch cruise across the Kazinga channel benefits you with different types of bird viewing, presently there are also forest hikes within the Maramagambo forest bat cave. Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda Safari is made of trkking, hiking and communities with open hands to socially interact with visitors.

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