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Free imei tracker for kelotel users

If you have lost your phone, you might already know that you can easily find the location of the phone, by using the IMEI tracking facility. However, it is not easy to find a working tracker easily. There are many bogus applications and websites in the internet that can only breach the security of your phone. This is one serious concern for the people who are trying to track the location of their phone using this. Again, it is not only concern. Other important point of concern is the fact that many trackers in the internet requires you to sign in and open an account in the website. There will be some membership fee and you might have to spend some money for this. However, you can also find a handful of free imei tracker in the internet.

These are free for all websites that offer the service absolutely free of any cost whatsoever. No matter whether you pay or not, you have to check the reliability of the data from the site by checking the location of a known phone. Now, you can easily find the last known location of the phone that has been stolen using these trackers.

Native Multilangual

Natively multilingual, no need to install any addon. Every element can be translated and you can add as many languages as you want.

Easy to customize

Application is based on CodeIgniter PHP framework, if you know CodeIgniter you can easily customize the system.

Bootstrap ready

Backend and Frontend based on Bootstrap and are easy to customize.

User friendly

Website structure is logical. Managing elements such as pages, estates or images is easily done by drag’n’drop!

Template System

Easy to use CodeIgniter Template Parser Class or alternative PHP syntax available.


Build as easy to use and robust Metro style Admin user interface